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V/A O Começo Do Fim Do Mundo 2LP / Book

  • NADA054
  • 2LP / Book

O Começo do fim do Mundo (The Beginning of the End of the World) was a punk festival that took place at the SESC Fábrica da Pompéia, in São Paulo, Brazil on November 27th and 28th, 1982, which was captured live and raw to cassette for a compilation LP of the same name, featuring most, if not all of the bigger names in 1980s Brazilian punk — INOCENTES, CÓLERA, LIXOMANIA, OLHO SECO, and RATOS DE PORÃO — as well as tracks from 14 more lesser-known bands, many of whom never recorded or released another song. With copies of the original compilation LP commanding three-figure price tags today (if you can even find one, especially a clean copy), this expanded double-LP reissue, timed to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original festival was much needed. Included in this mammoth are the original 19-song LP; an additional 23-song second LP of tracks taken from the festival including tunes from SKISITAS and [the great] ULSTER, two bands that were absent from the original; a 36-page booklet of photos of the event captured by Paul Constantinides; repros of the original program and 90cm x 60cm poster; and a write up by Antonio Bivar, one of organizers of the original O Começo do fim do Mundo festival.

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