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V/A Tormenta De Acero LP

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With a wide array of sounds ranging from classic heavy metal and hard rock to thrash metal, 'Tormenta De Acero Vol. 1' presents an indepth look at the early underground heavy metal scene in Spain. Starting the journey in 1979 and finishing in 1988, in this first volume you'll find hidden metallic gems from extremely hard to find 7"s by a myriad of raw, powerful and hard as fuck bands such as Atila, Zeus, Viuda Negra, Zhentauro or Hellbound, to name a few. Get ready for a steel storm of pure heavy metal madness! A 20-page glossy paper magazine is included with biographies, photos, press articles, flyers... etc. 

1. Atila - Atila 
2. Zhentauro - No Volem Invasors 
3. Oro - Metal 
4. Kaputt - El Hijo Del Sol 
5. Osiris - No Me Vuelvas Loco 
6. Zeus - Dama De Hierro

SIDE 2: 
1. Stress - Atrapado 
2. Viuda Negra - Colgar Los Hábitos 
3. Zaas - El Profeta 
4. Drakkar - Libre Y Salvaje 
5. Noise - Dominio Brutal 

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