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Belgrado Vicious Circle / Panopticon 7"

  • MUS66
  • 7"
  • 06 November 2012

BELGRADO are back following an immense debut album from 2011. Based in Barcelona and with members from Venezuela, Poland and Spain BELGRADO have been turning heads for those listening to contemporary anarcho DIY post punk. This two track single, released on time for their Canada and USA tour is a sample of what is to come on their second full length, to be recorded as soon as they return from tour. Sonically more dynamic than previous recordings the two tracks of this single sound extremely busy yet solid on the rhythm section with their trademark echoplex filled guitar riffs and distant female voice. Bringing to mind SKELETAL FAMILY, BRIGANDAGE or BLOOD AND ROSES. Running between goth and post punk while keeping a foot firmly in the DIY anarchist scene..

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