OMID WALIZADEH Yalda Mix Cassette

  • OMIDK7
  • Cassette

An incredible new hour-long mix by the California-based hip hop producer Omid Walizadeh (aka Omid aka OD), who mixes classic Middle Eastern pop tunes and sensibilities with his inimitable head-bopping instrumental hip hop beats. Omid, who cut his teeth in the underground L.A. hip hop community of the 1990s and 2000s, came back in the 2010s with an entirely new sound culled from and inspired by the classic Iranian records and cassettes of his youth. The result of that new direction was 2013’s Modern Persian Speech Sounds, also released by B|ta’arof Records and now long out-of-print. Like that album, Omid’s new release The Yalda Mix draws from Iranian, Kurdish, Syrian, Egyptian, Armenian, and Turkish influences and samples to make something entirely fresh and new. The Yalda Mix, first released on Soundcloud on the occasion of the Iranian winter solstice holiday Shab-e Yalda in December 2021, is Omid’s first new physical release since MPSS. This cassette version is limited to 200 copies, professionally and meticulously pressed on yellow shell cassettes with gorgeous art and design by Partybuzzy and Negar Yazdanpanah.

Check out this mix and more on Omid’s soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/omid-walizadeh